Cream Chargers - what do you hide?

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Cream Chargers Style molecular design

The motto to The Electric Meter Room is “don’t think – just do!” If you can manage that then you can handle the chargers – yes we can offer advice and we’ll use the store to help you shift the second hand items that you will be wanting to exchange – but consider getting new – because it is all much nicer and cleaner – so much more refreshing. All of that whipped cream can get mighty sticky….


Don't wait too long befre you join us - you are never going to get any younger and that is for sure ...


Unsure where to begin - then look at the stciky sweet whipped cream video below - enjoy that and the be inspired - then you'll be wanting to come back for more! Which is exactly where we can help you!

What's It All About? It is all very molecular. Get more excited about the uture than just flogging cheap chargers.


The electric meter room is the pace where your deepest and darkest secrets are available for you to enjoy - but they are kept in the electric meter room because hidden under the stairs is exactly where you want it to be – not out and flaunted where you friends and family can see it – and certainly not at work. The clothes are all here in the EMRRLA but the cream supplies can be found at creamchargers.org.uk – we think that perfect combination would involve both of these – so what are you waiting for go out and indulge yourself. Our safety guidelines are there to be followed too – o dip your toes in and see if the whipped cream is too you liking!

kiss cream chargers


EMMRLA charger style!

Whipped Cream Desires.....

The electric meter room is a place to dispense with normality and a place to go and try something that is a little bit different and special. For those of you with a  penchant for something that could be classed as extra creamy, then you'd probably want to go shopping for a speedy dispenser - after all who has the tome to whip? You might of course think about flavouring it with some monin syrups - they are pretty easy to use, just pour before you squirt. A pretty reasonable selcetion of monin fruit flavours can be found over at cheeky monkey supplies, for other ideas in the line for spontaneous foods to keep in your electric meter room you wouldn't go to far wrong if you were going to take a look at malmesbury for an alternative source of sauce...




Chocolate Desires ...